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1 January
New Jersey, United States
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afrobeat, agnes varda, baba, barathanatyam, before sunset/sunrise/midnight, being erica, boys in the band, burce labruce, buster keaton, carnatic, children's hospital, chinna gurl, cyrano de bergeac, directing, disco, dj sprinkles, djs, femme fatale, film, forests, fred astaire, frenglish, friends of dorothy, funk, gender benders, gene kelly, german expressionism, gidget, glen or glenda, good wife, hiking, house, ilaiyaraja, immer, iranian new wave, jazz, kali, kama sutra, kirrikou, kollywood, kompakt, kuruthokai, les cages aux folles, luomo, m.i.a., maya deren, megan mullaly, melodrama, mgm musicals, micheal apted's up, microhouse, mind over mood, mixcds, mixes, mnml, noir, northrop frye, paris is burning, perlon, pop trash, production, putney swope, r_co, robert altman, rock hudson, sandals, sangam, sangamam, satoshi kon, short story, sirk, soul jazz, stan brekhage, style over substance, sunset blvd, taiko, tamglish, technicolor, techno, teen pop, television, tongues untied, veena, vocal jazz, vocal pop, weekend, william tennessee, wizard of oz, wonderfalls, writing